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Academic Medicine Recruiting / Medical Staffing

Doctors Network & Associates is a premier search firm for academic medicine, recruiting physician, nurse and PA providers, as well as C-suite executives. We carry extensive experience in recruiting faculty and key leaders in academic circles across the nation.

Headed by J. W. Taylor, President/CEO, Doctors Network & Associates is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Over the last 30+ years, we have partnered with academic institutions and hospital affiliates to provide superior qualified candidates.

How Can We Help?

Knowledge Based Recruitment Approach

As a result of our reputable network within the academic medicine marketplace, we have been strategic in finding the right targeted candidates for various medical schools and clinical facilities across the United States.

Client Relationship

At Doctors Network & Associates, we work with our clients to construct the ideal candidate profile in terms of both professional qualifications and personality skill set. We aim to build a long-term partnership with our clients. Our goal is to serve medical institutions, as well as jobseekers, with superior academic recruitment services.

We pride ourselves on creating a workable relationship based on delivering knowledge, experience, insight, performance, and integrity in Medical staffing

Doctors Network & Associates

Has over 30 years experience and over 18,000 interviews of Medical Faculty and Executive Candidates

Successfully Recruited Multi-Disciplinary Faculty In approximately 145 of the 196 medical schools and clinical affiliates in the United States

Our Proven Recruitment Process Has been Exemplary

Each search will be given a thorough pre-search assessment by J. W. Taylor, President/CEO of our firm. Each assessment will develop a specific search strategy. DNA will provide consulting on current competitive financial packages for our clients. These compensation metrics are dynamic to the immediate supply-and-demand of the marketplace and assigned to the specific discipline being recruited. This value added consult allows our clients to make more competitive offers, rather than using the available salary survey provided by AAMC. One of DNA’s greatest and most successful services to our clients is the ability to bring contractual closure with desired finalists. Our aim for client satisfaction, long after the search is completed, is our ultimate internal measurable.


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